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From Sharon Dobson:

Re: Natural Methods To Combat Crohn's Disease

Dear Crohn's Disease Sufferer,

If you're suffering with the debilitating and life disrupting symptoms of Crohn's Disease, then you've come to the right place!

Why..? Because I know what you're going through...

You're struggling to cope with ongoing bouts of diarrhea... abdominal pains that take your breath away whenever you eat a meal, reducing your appetite to nothing and which make eating out with friends a nightmare.

Food is something to be endured, not enjoyed as it usually results in pain, bleeding and a whole range of other truly uncomfortable, embarrassing and sometimes frightening symptoms.

In fact, I'm betting you're experiencing all sorts of unpleasant symptoms...

    You struggle with persistent diarrhea that has you convinced your entire insides are completely emptied of everything you've eaten today - this week... maybe even this month.
    You have severe abdominal cramps after eating - so intense that you feel like there must have been a searing knife hidden inside that last meal.
    You wipe after a bowel movement and find the toilet tissue stained with startlingly red blood - streaks or spots - enough to make you catch your breath, completely afraid.
    You're running a low-grade fever without a reason, or you suddenly spike a temp of 100 degrees or higher but you have no other signs of infection.
    You're nauseous most of the time, and food holds no appeal for you. A few bites is more than enough.
    You have pain that you suspect might be arthritis, with achy, stiff joints, something you never had before.
    You've noticed red spots or blisters on your arms or legs.
    Your eyes (with cells much like those of your digestive tract) are inflamed and red, or you struggle with recurring episodes of the pain and itching of conjunctivitis (pink eye).
    You've lost more weight than you realized, and can also be silently struggling with nutritional deficiencies that sap your strength, impact your ability to heal and affect your overall health.
    You're facing the prospect of uncomfortable, embarrassing testing, or have heard terms like ulcerative colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Celiac disease to explain your symptoms?

If you're nodding "yes" to one or more of these, chances are it's not something you're doing (or eating for that matter) ...

But rather your own body struggling under an immune system that can't turn itself off.

The result is swelling and pain (the natural tactics white blood cells use to fight infection) somewhere along your digestive tract that makes taking in the nutrients you need a daunting and painful challenge for your body.

Of course I never gave how food went from A to B much thought until I was stricken with Crohn's...

I ate what I liked, didn't exercise all that much, and tried to explain away my increasingly frequent bouts of diarrhea.

It was only when the cramping in my stomach got so bad that it sent me to the emergency room on a Sunday afternoon that I realized I needed to uncover what was wrong.

Like you, I was hurting (and scared). I had lots of questions...

"Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Tells You Everything You Need To Know"

I didn't learn very much from the pamphlets my doctor gave me, and when I searched the internet, the results were overwhelming.

It was hard to tell who was sharing helpful information, and who was just out to sell a diet or supplement.

I kept looking for answers and coming up empty.

However, as a medical researcher and a fellow sufferer, I was persistant and after a little digging, was able to learn what I needed to know to work with my doctor to find the solution that was right for me.

Today I'm in remission, comfortable and pain free... healthy and in charge of my body - feeling better than I have in a long time.

It's this journey from that first frightened, pain filled afternoon in the hospital to settling on the right treatment that's at the heart of Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide.

Drawing on the latest research from highly respected sources, you'll find out how your immune system works, and how a natural reaction gone haywire is at the root of your most painful, most troublesome Crohn's symptoms.

I wrote Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide for anyone who is still struggling with the awful diarrhea, the stabbing pain, the unsightly bloating... all the terrible, energy sapping symptoms of Crohn's disease and is looking for answers.

"Facts About Crohn's Disease
You'll Need To Know"

Learning more about what you're up against is the first step in your journey ridding your body of all those troublesome, uncomfortable symptoms - for good.

In Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide, you'll learn how your digestive system really works - absorbing nutrients and fluids from the foods you eat while compacting and sending waste products along their way.

You'll discover how your own immune system, in trying to fight a perceived threat, has sent white blood cells to the smooth lining of your digestive tract where they do their best to root out infection.

Trouble is, in doing their best brings about inflammation, swelling, pain and over time, painful, raw ulcers that damage the intestinal tract and leave you with serious, even life-threatening, consequences.

No one knows what triggers this immune reaction (there are four competing theories however), and Crohn's Disease at present has no cure.

The good news? Treatments for Crohn's have come a long way, so that it's entirely possible to stay pain-free and comfortable most of the time.

The tricky part of Crohn's is to be sure it's diagnosed correctly, as the painful, distressing set of symptoms can seem to mimic other irritable bowel disorders like ulcerative colitis or IBS.

As your doctor works to reach a diagnosis, you'll undergo quite a bit of testing, all of which you'll find described and explained inside Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide.

Though the cause of Crohn's remains unknown, the medical community insist that diet is NOT to blame.

The flare up you're coping with today is the result of silent damage that has left your digestive tract raw and sore, which is why digesting food has become so very uncomfortable.

And though your diet didn't cause your Crohn's, what you eat during a flare up can make a big difference in how you feel, so you'll finda wealth of information inside Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide -

Foods to eat, foods to avoid, and tips and tricks you can use to combat the nutritional deficiencies that are a risk for all Crohn's patients.

There are even plenty of tasty, quick to make, Crohn's friendly recipes for every meal of the day.

"Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients"

Right now you're trying to handle a set of pretty debilitating (and very painful) symptoms.

You're in agony most of the time; you're scared out of your mind, and so totally miserable. It's hard to know what to do.

While the ultimate decision about what treatment options you pursue to manage your Crohn's is yours and your doctor's, Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide will give you an unbiased opinion on all the treatments out there.

Written by someone who knows, first hand, about the pain of Crohn's, the constant nausea, the awful bleeding and ugly bloating - you'll get plain talk, no medical jargon or sales hype.

This no nonsense book will help you to...

    Understand everything there is to know about your disease and what factors may have contributed to its onset for you.
    Check a definitive list of signs and symptoms for Crohn's, and learn more about other bowel diseases that must be ruled out before a clear diagnosis can be made.
    Be prepared for the type of testing your doctor might order to be sure your condition is diagnosed properly.
    Learn about complications of Crohn's and how to avoid them.
    Be aware of the many safe, effective prescription medicines used to treat Crohn's, their risks, benefits and side effects.
    Discover the different surgical interventions that could be in your future if other options don't help, or don't help enough.
    Choose foods that are easy to digest, so that you don't irritate your digestive tract any further during a flare up, and help to encourage healing over time.
    Be prepared for every meal with a great tasting Crohn's friendly recipe that is easy to make, and easy on your delicate digestive tract.
    Know what supplements you might want to consider and how to be sure you take in enough to meet your nutritional needs.
    Recognize the emotional toll your Crohn's might be taking on your moods, and be aware of the options to treat this very important but often overlooked consequence of your condition.

Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide is painstakingly researched and based on the most up to date studies and medical understanding.

The language is simple, plain and to the point, and I absolutely believe that what you learn will make as amazing a difference in your day-to-day life as it has in mine.

Imagine how it will be when...

    You are completely pain free - enjoying meals and not worrying about the agonizing bout of cramping you'll have to endure later on.
    A trip to the bathroom is comfortable and quick... no intense, painful cramping, no bleeding, absolutely no discomfort at all.
    You're wearing all your favorite fitted clothes - with no bloated belly in sight.
    You sit down and actually find yourself looking forward to a meal... you feel good while you're eating, hours afterward you're still comfortable and content.
    You go through your day at ease and happy, not grumpy and irritable because you're feeling awful and trying to hide it.
    You're feeling better than ever, taking excellent care of your body and keeping dangerous complications (including colon cancer) at bay.

Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide has been read by other people, just like you, who were suffering and struggling with the painful and unpleasant symptoms of Crohn's Disease.

Like you, most Crohn's sufferers have never heard of the disease... and can often be overwhelmed, scared and unsure what to do next.

Using this straight talking, fact filled resource; men and women from all walks of life have been able to combat fear with knowledge.

Learning about this chronic condition has helped readers to understand the cause of their searing pain and other discomforts, make informed choices about testing and treatments...

And be able to take steps that impact their Crohn's for the better. Not just for today, but for years to come.

"Who Else Is Taking Control Of Crohn's Disease (And Its Painful Symptoms) With Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide"

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Anyone who is struggling with the agonizing pain of abdominal cramping... the constant discomfort... the overpowering need to dash for the restroom can find help in Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide.

In fact, there are already a lot of other people, men and women from every walk of life and all places on the globe... 

...Business executives and stay-at-home mom's, students and professional athletes, restaurant workers and hair stylists, teachers and truck drivers - all have found help from the reliable information contained in the Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide.

And it contains so much more!

So What Are You Waiting For?

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Yes, you can control your Crohn's Disease naturally!

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